Girls getaway trip to Paris & Champagne

Paris is well known for its romantic ambiance but it also a great place for a girls getaway trip made...

Paris for the first time

Paris is a wonderful city but it is sometimes difficult to visit its famous monuments without queuing for hours…For a...

Royal Paris

Along the centuries Paris has had tumultuous relationships with the Monarchy but has always remained the center of the Realm...

Paris-Loire Valley

Discover the culture of Paris and the gastronomy and historic heritage of the Loire Valley.


Explore Paris and the Normandy for a mixte of culture and history.

Paris-Loire Valley-Bordeaux

Explore and taste Paris, the Loire Valley and Bordeaux. Immerse yourself into the French gastronomic heritage.

Paris & the south of France for families

With your family, explore France with a mixture of fun, culture, and beautiful landscapes.


A 12-day itinerary to have a complete overview of Paris, the east and the south part of France.


Visit the beautiful city of Paris, explore the small villages of Provence and have a relaxing time in the Riviera.


Enjoy your Parisian stay with a day tour to Champagne to discover this famous wine region.


Explore France by visiting Paris and the South of France. You will discover different parts of France which will allow...

Paris-Normandy-St Malo

Walk in the footsteps of the Impressionnists artists and discover historical sites.


Explore France by visiting Paris, Bordeaux & Arcachon.

Paris – Alsace

Immerse yourself into the French way of living by visiting two different regions. Experience the unmissable landmarks of Paris before...

Paris-Loire Valley for families

With your family, explore and taste Paris and the Loire Valley in a fun and interactive way.


The ideal 6-day trip itinerary to discover the culture, arts and history of Paris followed by the discovery of Lyon...

Paris – Bordeaux – Dordogne – La Rochelle

Explore Paris and the West of France including Bordeaux, Dordogne and La Rochelle. Experience the highlights of Paris and immerse...