Paris for the first time

Paris is a wonderful city but it is sometimes difficult to visit its famous monuments without queuing for hours…For a...

Gourmet Paris

Paris is the gastronomy capital and a real paradise for foodies.

Paris-Loire Valley

Discover the culture of Paris and the gastronomy and historic heritage of the Loire Valley.


Explore Paris and the Normandy for a mixte of culture and history.

Paris-Loire Valley-Bordeaux

Explore and taste Paris, the Loire Valley and Bordeaux. Immerse yourself into the French gastronomic heritage.


A 12-day itinerary to have a complete overview of Paris, the east and the south part of France.


Visit the beautiful city of Paris, explore the small villages of Provence and have a relaxing time in the Riviera.


Enjoy your Parisian stay with a day tour to Champagne to discover this famous wine region.

Paris-Normandy-St Malo

Walk in the footsteps of the Impressionnists artists and discover historical sites.


Explore France by visiting Paris, Bordeaux & Arcachon.

Paris – Alsace

Immerse yourself into the French way of living by visiting two different regions. Experience the unmissable landmarks of Paris before...


The ideal 6-day trip itinerary to discover the culture, arts and history of Paris followed by the discovery of Lyon...

Paris – Bordeaux – Dordogne – La Rochelle

Explore Paris and the West of France including Bordeaux, Dordogne and La Rochelle. Experience the highlights of Paris and immerse...