Taking a history tour in Paris is a must especially if you like the French Kings’ history. The French Revolution is one of the most impactful events that made French history. What happened on July 14th, 1789, is well known by both French citizens and travelers from abroad. This period fascinates a lot of people, whether because of the monarchy’s history, the personalities of the French crown that were used in the movie industry or in any kind of artwork, or simply due to this freedom quest that wanted to end the absolute power.

Many symbolic places were destroyed such as the very famous Bastille jail that is now famous for one of its prisoners called “the man in the iron mask”. But there is so much more to see if you are interested in the French revolution and would like to have an history tour in Paris.

Find our top 5 of places, activities or things to see during your next Parisian stay !



concorde square paris history tour in Paris

To start off our history tour in Paris, let’s go to the Bastille. This jail was attacked in 1789 because, tons and tons of powder that were necessary to use weapons were stocked inside.

It was then destroyed the same year for a very simple reason: this building was a symbol of the monarchic power. As you may not know yet, people could be put in this jail without any reason, only because a royal agreement said so and without attending a trial!

But don’t despair even if nowadays you cannot see the Bastille as it was during the 18th century, you can still take a look to some of its remains. If you want to, go to the Henri Galli square in the 4th arrondissement. Look around you, and you will find some pieces of the old prison.

Another spot that you can go to is the “Pont de Paris” or “Concorde bridge. Not many people know this fact, but this bridge was built with stone blocks of the Bastille prison!



le marais carnavalet museum

The museum that owns most of the objects and paintings about the French revolution is the Carnavalet museum. You must add this place to your history tour in paris to do list. Various work of arts and clothing can be found there.

Don’t miss the “human and citizen rights declaration” painting that is acting as a reminder to the equality notion between every human being no matter his or her birth situation.

You may also like the really famous representation of “la liberté guidant le people” of Eugène Delacroix at the Louvre Museum, that shows the atmosphere during this period full of tensions.




Place de la Concorde, Paris
Place de la Concorde, Paris

Let’s get some fresh air outside and let’s go the place de la Concorde or called at the time “place de la revolution”. It was one of the execution squares where the king Louis XVI, Madame du Barry and Marie Antoinette got their head “chopped of”. Have no fear, the Guillottine is not used anymore in France. Now let’s go on on our history tour in Paris.



French Revolution in paris

Let’s rush to the Conciergerie! This palace built during the middle age has become during the revolution, a jail, and more specifically the one of the queen Marie Antoinette of Austria. By visiting it you will be able to admire in the first place, the architecture of the façade, and when you go inside you make a jump back in time.




Versailles gardens

To end our history tour in Paris, we have to go to one of the world’s most famous castle. How can we talk about the fall of the French monarchy without talking about the Versailles castle! A castle built on Louis XIV’s request, and royal house for his successors, it is one of the most visited castles in the country.

By going there, you will be speechless about the beauty of the rooms such as the very famous “galerie des glaces”, and the complexity of the gardens usually called “Jardins à la française” made by the gardener André Le Nôtre.

But if you are a fan of the royal family, you will be very pleased to know that you can go inside the king and the queen’s apartments. Psssst don’t forget to knock when you’re there to make them know that you’re here!

Château de Versailles | Site officiel (chateauversailles.fr)

PS: Here is a short list of movies about the French monarchy and the French revolution’s most emblematic persons. And we also give you some of the exact locations that you can visit!

The man in the Iron mask

This movie tells the story of the Bastille jail’s most famous prisoner played by Leonardo Dicaprio . It was shoot in different locations such as Fontainebleau and Vaux le Vicomte castle.

Marie Antoinette serie

This serie that was released in 2022, tells the story of the last queen of France and her story when she arrived at a very young age at the royal court of France. Some scenes were shot at the beautiful Versailles Castle.

Marie Antoinette (movie)

Sofia Coppola’s movie about the french- Austrian queen that led her country to misery, had a huge success, and is even considered as “aesthetically pleasing” because of the beauty of certain places. If you want to feel as Kristen Dunst for a day still go to Versailles, Vaux le Vicomte, and even to the Paris’s most gorgeous opera:  The Opera Garnier.


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