Vintage shopping in Paris

Paris is obviously known for its luxury shops, but as time goes by, the environmental preoccupation and second-hand shopping are increasing fast. Vintage shopping in Paris is made of typical Thrift shops and vintage boutiques , and we are loving this era! These two shopping variations have their own specificities in what they sell and the experience that goes with it.

Thrift stores and vintage shops are standing out strongly! They don’t follow the trend of “collections” where every garment looks the same, and all individuals are dressed in the same way. They choose to offer fashion pieces that are yes or not from brands, and that above all come from eras that are diverse.

To give you a quick reminder of current fashion, the trend is to “mix and match“: put together a regular outfit and add a retro element for a unique look! The keyword is authenticity. Vintage shopping in Paris is becoming more and more frequent.

Paris fashion museums vintage shopping in Paris

Thrift stores in Paris

Parisian thrift stores are currently experiencing a golden age, due to different aspects. Indeed, the protection of the planet, the ethical and economic conditions on drop shipping and fast fashion have contributed to their rise to power.

Right now, these stores have been reaching out to younger generations who are very sensitive to what is happening currently.

In addition, the omnipresent return of vintage, regardless of its era (from the 50s to the 90s) is attracting more and more customers, not to mention the unbeatable prices.

In Paris, thrift stores are very common, but if you want to go to many as possible, the Marais district in the fourth arrondissement is for you.

The Kilo Shop

One of the must-sees if you are planning to go shopping, is the “Kilo shop“. This brand has many addresses throughout the capital.  This thrift store is famous for its “per kilo” prices and its large selection of vintage and current clothes.

Be aware that most thrift stores are not necessarily the same because it all depends on what you are looking for!

Some are specialized in “boho” pieces from the seventies, others in denim clothes and corresponds more to the 90s-2000s.Then others are anchored in the modern era by selling customized pieces (usually called “upcycling”).

And if you’re not a fan of the retro look, have no fear, because nowadays you can also find very recent clothes that are at lower prices 99% of the time ,than those available in the original stores!A good way to redo your wardrobe easily, in a smarter way, and without having to spend too much.

And if you want to adopt the modern version aesthetic of the “Parisienne” you need to have thrifted pieces in your closet.Whether it is a jacket or a bag. The actual Parisian girl shops in an ethical and responsible way.


Another address that has been very prominent for some time now is “kiliwatch” in the second arrondissement. Why is this brand so much talked about? Because it brings together all the categories and criteria mentioned above.

You’ve got vintage from every possible era, high-end pieces and top designers, and even a more modern clothing line that could more easily speak to those with a “crush” for today’s fashion.

Rush to 64 rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris !

Vintage shopping in Paris

vintage shopping in paris

Photo de Chloe Evans sur Unsplash

As for shopping in vintage boutiques, it is specialized in the sale of luxury or prestige products, whether it’s for clothes, accessories or furniture. For example, these places offer products, which have been verified for authenticity, and care/repairs if there is a need for restoration. By entering this type of store, the customer expects to receive a service that could be similar to the one you get when purchasing a product directly in a “real luxury shop”. Many can be found in the chic Saint Germain des Prés district.

You may find a Louis Vuitton printed monogram bag from the late 90’s (very trendy at the moment), or even a Chanel classic and emblematic tweed jacket that is making a huge comeback this year in a lot of people’s closets.

By betting on this type of shop, you will easily come across branded pieces, which are almost unique or even rare! And the advantage is that you will usually benefit from reduced prices. You’ll come out of these stores with a vintage and luxurious piece for sure!

Now, consider yourselves as specialists in vintage fashion in one of the most fashionable cities in the world. If you want to include a vintage shopping experience on your next trip to Paris, contact us.