Paris is unquestionably one of the greatest fashion capitals. It is home to many of the biggest brands in French haute couture such as Chanel, Dior and YSL (to name just three). The biggest names in fashion and a lucky few have the opportunity to attend the reveal of new collections twice a year during Paris Fashion Week. But there’s more to fashion in the City of Love than just two weeks a year. Indeed, some Paris fashion museums dedicated to the great designers open their doors to the public to make them discover, temporarily or permanently.

1- Dior Museum

At 30 rue Montaigne hides a real treasure. In March 2022, the “original house” of the late Monsieur Dior reopened its doors. A former private mansion located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, will leave with speechless. The place with its typically Parisian charm will take you on a journey through the history of Christian Dior and his work. On the program of one of the most iconic Paris fashion museums, you will learn more about the process of creating the brand, attend mini demonstrative workshops on the art of perfumery specific to the house.

Finally, you will parade between the different creations and collections of clothing that have since embodied the prestige and beauty of the French brand. Each dress, bag or accessory is highlighted with scenographic themes making the visit even more magical. And in case this whole journey has whetted your appetite, you’ll have the option to have access to the Dior café, where each dish has references to the brand (Such as printed monogram on sandwiches). A feast for the eyes, your stomach and your photos.



When we think about the most important luxury brands (fashion wise), we think about Chanel, Dior, and obviously YSL. This man with an Alsatian background stood out really quickly thanks to his talent. He rose to the top in a sudden manner until he became the boss of the Dior house in 1957.

A fashion designer like no other, he contributed to the popularity of the “Haute Couture” in the entire world. Just like his well-known master, Christian Dior, YSL also has its own museum.

Located in a building that has references and winks to the typical Parisian architecture in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, this place is considered as a tribute to it’s creator.

Inside, the fashion designer’s most important pieces of clothing. During an hour, you will have the opportunity to look at the different sketches drew by YSL himself! But that’s not it… You will also find his office where he used to work creating all of the different collections, and the “Grand Salon” used for the runways at the time. Thanks to the visual work leading to a total immersion, you will be transported easily in the various time periods that impacted the brand. This exhibition is permanent as in most other Paris fashion museums, which gives you some time to plan a visit, but don’t be late the runway is about to start!



galliera fashion museum

This museum was created in 1977 and is also located in the 16th arrondissement. Visitors can discover several exhibitions linked with fashion anytime during the year. Since June 16th, 2023, till September 7th, 2025 (beware the exhibition is not every week), you can do the “fashion in motion/ la mode en movement” exhibition. The link between fashion and sports is analysed with various angles. Why are some pieces of clothing or accessories not only used during sports practice? Well by going to the Palais Galliera you will get an answer to this question. You’ll learn more about the sociological aspect of body appearance in the sports field, and the connotation to certain social categories with the popularization of “the streetwear style”.

Considering this topic as a must if you’re familiar with fashion and you want to develop your knowledge this summer. If you’re not in fond of sports, have no fear, another exhibition is coming! The one about the really famous Italian photograph, Paolo Roversi will surely interest you. Admire the variety of the photos he took and that are a big part of his career and worldwide reputation. Specialized in “portraits”, be attentive and you will recognize international fashion renown models that posed for an instant. The Palais Galliera, one of the most interesting Paris fashion museums, hosts this exhibition from March 16th to July 14th, 2024.



Azzedine Alaïa, internationally renowned French-Tunisian couturier and stylist, invites you to enter his world revolving around fashion and art. Having dressed the biggest celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Lady Gaga or even Rita Ora and Michelle Obama, he has been able to create a real identity and a legacy in the fashion world. We suggest you to take a look at his foundation located in Le Marais, another great sample of Paris fashion museums. Of course, some of his creations are stored there, as well as absolutely remarkable photographic shots. If you’re in the french capital, head to the “Alaïa/Grès” exhibition, which focuses on the dress collections of the designer and the famous Madame Grès, a great seamstress. Each piece of clothing on display makes us understand the work and creativity that these two artists had . But be careful, you only have until April 7, 2024 to see these different masterpieces, in this fashion museum!

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