The museum Jacquemart André, located “Boulevard Haussmann” in the 8th arrondissement, is a fabulous illustration of the “hotels particuliers” in Paris. This big house which was transformed into a museum, succeeded to keep its decoration of the XIXth century which makes it a unique place in Paris. With prestigious art collections, the Jacquemart André museum is now worthy of the most famous museums.

It was ordered in 1868 by Edouard André, inheritor of one of the biggest fortune in France in the late XVIIIth century. It was achieved in 1875. In the meantime, the proprietary, passionate about Art, bought the magazine “La Gazette des Beaux-Arts” and became director of a famous Art institution. From that moment on, Edouard André initiates a wide and prestigious collection of arts objects of the XVIIIth century. He met a young painter, Nélie Jacquemart, that he married in 1881 and joined him in his project. They will build their life around their “Hotel Particulier” and Art. At the death of Edouard André in 1894, his wife continued the work until her death in 1912. She accepted short before her death to cede the museum to the state on condition that they open it to the public. The museum was inaugurated in 1913 by Raymond Poincaré.
Today, we can find collections of prestigious painter like Boticelli, Rembrandt, Donatello, Van Dick…
At the moment, an exhibition on Caravaggio’s roman period is to be seen by the 28th of January.

So, why don’t you come and admire all those exeptionnals collections and dive in the romantic atmosphere of the place?