The weather is nice and you don’t want to lock yourself in a museum? Why not take a walk in one of the greatest open-air museums in the world: Paris!  We will introduce you to some of the best neighborhoods to go to for a street art hunt in Paris. Be aware that street art in Paris is ephemeral and some of these works may have disappeared before your visit. But we are sure that they will have been replaced by others just as beautiful.


  1. La Butte aux Cailles

butte aux cailles


In addition to being a charming typical Parisian district, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the Butte aux Cailles is known for its various street artworks. Don’t hesitate to look at every corner of each wall, as these street art in Paris are hidden everywhere. You can start your visit at the rue des Cinq Diamants (Five Diamonds Street, fancy isn’t it?) and its many works by Miss Tic, a French artist with recognizable black and white stencils. Continue on rue de l’Espérance where you will notice artworks by Jeff Aérosol and Seth. At the intersection of rue de Tolbiac and rue du Moulins des Prés, 10 portraits look down at us. It is the artist Ernesto Novo who represented on this 5 story-building the inhabitants of the street, giving their moment of glory to these new icons of the everyday life.


  1. Around Beaubourg



Beaubourg is known for the Centre Pompidou, a museum of modern and contemporary art. But to discover less conventional street art in Paris, just take a walk in the neighborhood. The best-known is undoubtedly the “Chuuuttt!!!” by Jeff Aérosol, in front of the Stravinsky Fountain. A huge face is looking at us, finger on the lips. But what secret is he keeping? You tell us. Right next to it is a work by the artist Obey. On this two-tone work in blue and white, we can read the message “Knowledge + Action = Power, the future is unwritten”. The artist thus wanted to convey the message that knowledge, education, and taking action are essential to shape our future and fight against fear and division.


  1. Le quartier de la Villette



North of Paris, the 19th arrondissement is crossed by the Canal de l’Ourcq. In addition to enjoying a charming walk by the water, you will discover very beautiful pieces of street art in Paris. At Quai de la Marne and Quai de la Loire, you will find colorful works by the artists Da Cruz, Lask, and Shaka. You will then have to go through rue de l’Ourcq, where a monumental fresco brings together paintings by various artists, such as Mayan masks by Da Cruz or a gorgeous panther by Marko 93. Before leaving the area, do not miss the work of the famous Londonian artist Banksy, at 41 Avenue de Flandres. Representing Napoleon, his face hidden by his red cape and riding a horse, this art was created as part of a series on the migrant crisis.


  1. Le quartier de Belleville



Belleville district is located in the 20th arrondissement, in the northeast of Paris, between the Buttes Chaumont and the Père Lachaise cemetery. Start rue Dénoyez, an emblematic street with graffiti covering the facades, from the sidewalks to the roofs. It is almost difficult to find an uncovered piece of wall. We can’t tell you what you’ll see there, as it is always changing, the old covered by the new. Your walk continues on rue Ramponeau, also decorated with colors and drawings. Finally, at the Parc de Belleville, you will have to go up to the Belvédère de Belleville, embellished with magnificent artworks by the French artist Seth. The paintings represent children from different origins, portraying the diversity of the inhabitants of the area. You will also find mosaic works created by young people during a project led by a neighborhood association. Not to be overlooked, the place also offers a very beautiful panoramic view of the city.


  1. Art42, the first Street Art museum in France



Urban art and museums don’t really go together. And yet, this museum has taken up the challenge of bringing street artists within four walls. Art42, the first museum in France dedicated to Street art in Paris, opened in the 17th arrondissement in 2016. The museum isn’t really one, as it is part of the Ecole 42, a school offering a free computer engineering program for all. Thus, it is among the students that you will discover these pieces of art, all over the campus.

Among the hundred pieces, some were created solely for the museum, while others were curated by Nicolas Laugero Lasserre, a collector of urban art. You will discover pieces by nearly 50 renowned artists, such as Banksy, Stew, Invader, Miss Tic, Speedy Graphito, and Miss Van. Reservations are mandatory, so do not hesitate to contact Paris Toujours to organize your visit. Art42 :


  1. Lasco Project



You probably already know the Palais de Tokyo, an artistic center located a stone’s throw from the Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower. The site hosts exhibitions, concerts, and performances. You can also visit there the Museum of Modern Art of Paris. But did you know that with your ticket you can also access an urban art exhibition? This is the Lasco Project. Created in 2012, it aims to bring the hidden parts of the Palais de Tokyo back to life: its foundations and underground passages. This artistic project sets up an urban arts route in the underground of this historic place, bringing the street inside the monument. Since it started, sixty international artists have given life to these hidden spaces. Palais de Tokyo


Ready to put on your best sneakers and scour Paris in the search of these beautiful urban artworks? Paris Toujours is at your disposal to help you organize your stay and your visits.