Away from the crowd, located in the actual law court, the Holy-Chapel is a monument which is worth a visit for its rich architecture and history. A detour through this architectural jewel is a must during your Paris vacations.

Located on the Ile de la Cité, the Holy-Chapel is an architectural prowess, both technical and esthetical. Built in only 7 years and achieved in 1248, it was ordered by Saint-Louis himself in order to be a shrine (place which contained holy relics). Saint-Louis bought respectively in 1239 and 1241, a piece of the Christ crown of thorns and a piece of the holy cross. He decided to build the Holy Chapel in the middle of the Palace of the Cité –old Royal Palace- in order to have the holy relics close to the throne. It is the first of the holy chapels. Nevertheless, today the relics are not visible any more during your visit.

In 1630 and 1777, the Holy-Chapel was victim of two important fires but resisted. But unfortunately, it was damaged by the French Revolution and was deprived of its holy relics.
Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the Holy Chapel is esthetically rich. Indeed, it’s an edifice almost completely glazed, 600m² of stained-glass windows, 15m high. Those windows talk about the history of the world until the arrival of the relics in Paris. This majestic place is a jewel of the gothic architecture. A chapel thought and conceived to let the sun light come in and reveal all the details of this magical building.

Some visits and privates visits of the Holy Chapel are organized in order to make you discover in precision the history of this important monument of the french history.

Take advantage of a stroll on the Ile de la Cité to make a visit of this architectural marvel. Your visit will be even better on a sunny day but you can also attend a classical concert at the Sainte Chapelle in order to avoid queuing !