Paris is like Milan, London and New York, part of the « Big 4 », one of the most influent cities in the world of fashion, and the Galliera museum gives a good overview of it. It could be an interesting step of your Paris Tour.

The fashion museum of Paris is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris at the 10, avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie.
Maria Brignole Sale de Ferrari alias the duchess of Galliera inherited at the death of her husband in 1876 of a huge fortune. She decided to spend it in charities, buying particularly a lot of art works and decided in 1878 to build a palace to stock its huge art collection.
The construction began the 28th of May 1879. The architect Léon Ginain was in charge of the building site. He was a famous architect in Paris, he built the church “Notre Dame Des Champs” and also the Hospital Tarnier in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Besides, the structure of the building is in metal, and was realized by the the Compagnie of the Eiffel establishments.
The museum was inaugurated in 1977. Currently it has more than 90000 pieces, absolute attic gathering fashion objects of the XVIIIth century to nowadays, pieces of great couturier, hats, canes…accessible during the visit.
But the Galliera museum could not be open duting your paris vacations as it is only accessible to the public twice a year during temporary exhibitions that last around 4 months each. Nevertheless, giving the length of the exhibitions, it offers you a wide opportunity to organize your visit during your Paris vacations.

The museum is also a very popular place for publicists for the direction of artistic and commercial video clips and is also appreciated by fashion brands for photo shootings. Moreover, during your visit you may notice that the museum has served for various film, especially “Inception” for the scene where the two protagonists met.

So come and discover during your Paris vacations this prestigious place where you will dive, the time of the visit into the fashion universe of the greatest designers !