• Nargiza M. (KAZAKHSTAN) 17/08/2017

    Evaluation of our services

    Paris / Loire Valley / Burgundy / Provence

    Hi dear Laurence! We are back in KZ. Just wanted to express our deep gratitude and thank you for organizing such wonderful trip for us. We loved it very much ❤! We saw France from a very new and amazing perspective. It was great balance of activities and museums. We look forward to using your services in the future. We will happily recommend you to all our network. Once again, thank you ??? !

  • Isabelle P. (FRANCE) 17/08/2017

    Evaluation of our services

    Stay in Paris 8 days and 7 nights

    “We have been delighted by our stay in Paris. Between modernity and history, from the Fondation Louis Vuitton to a visit to the Louvre, a lunch on the Seine river and a play, not to mention the private visits in the Latin district, Montmartre, le Marais and our visit to Versailles, everything was perfect. A special thanks to our guide Caroline who accompanied us throughout this week. She was available, skillfull and really nice. This was a magic week in a magic city. Thank you.”

  • Linda B. (ETATS-UNIS / Massachusetts) 28/07/2017

    Evaluation of our services

    Paris / Normandy / Loire Valley

    Bonjour Laurence,

    It was wonderful to meet you in Paris and we thank you so very much for arranging our vacation in France. We have so many beautiful memories and it is because you put the itinerary together so thoughtfully.

    The balloon ride, the yacht cruise, Moulin Rouge, the food, the winery lunches, having a guide to explain background and history of everything we were looking at (priceless!), being picked up and brought to our destinations (are we spoiled or what?)- Laurence you did it all! Thank you for a great vacation. Now I have to go to bed and dream of our next trip.

  • Hari G. (ETATS-UNIS) 28/06/2017

    Evaluation of our services

    Our 62-member group included family members from USA, India, Canada, Brazil and ages ranging from 85 years to small babies. We all thoroughly enjoyed our 7 day stay in Paris. You planned all the activities so well and took care of even every small detail that we were comfortable, totally enjoyed all the beautiful places and events we visited. Your selection of all the places we stayed and dined in was excellent. We were taken good care of from airport arrival to departure. Your staff was very courteous and professional, and ready to help us all the way. Your associates on guided tours of museums, monuments, important landmarks, and places of interest were very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining all details, and that was so valuable to us. Hari and Manju Gupta

  • Ira K. (ETATS UNIS / NY) 16/05/2017

    Evaluation of our services

    Bonjour Laurence,
    We want to thank you for the wonderful itinerary you set up for us in France!Every day was wonderful and it fit our needs exactly!The tour guides were wonderful, informative and very friendly!The accommodations were lovely and service was fabulous!Visiting France was such a delightful experience!

    Scharrion and Ira

  • Christina C. (ETATS-UNIS / LOUISIANE) 07/09/2016

    Evaluation of our services


    This was the trip of a lifetime!!! We never could have planned and organized a trip so detailed and just perfect in every way on our own!!! Our travel agent was beyond professional, knowledgeable and just plain nice. She even had a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for us upon our arrival in France and a gift bag. We were also given a complete guide book and outline of our trip, with walking maps and times, restaurant suggestions, just anything you could imagine. We had drivers and guides for almost everything we did. Their timing was impeccable. We waited for no one and waited in line for nothing. All tickets were purchased in advance and waiting for us upon arrival so all we had to do the entire trip was enjoy ourselves!!! There was not a single moment we had to “think”. Everything was handled for us. We were busy morning till night but always relaxed. Our hotels were amazing, our drivers and cars impressive, our meals divine and our guides delightful. I would recommend this service and our agent, in particular, to anyone and everyone and have been since we’ve arrived home!!!

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