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Length : 3D/ 2N
Personnalisable : Length of stay and Activities
399 €
per person
for 4 participants

Even if it is not always easy to stay in Paris with kids, the city is full of treasures and diverse activities for them. This program offers you adapted conditions of stay as well as all kind of activities dealing with sciences, animals and of course the city of Paris itself that parents and children can share.

You will love :


  • diverse playful, cultural and scientific activities for both parents and children 
  • a program that you can enjoy whatever the weather , whatever the age of your children


Detailed program
DAY 1 :

On arrival lunch in a place, depending on the activity that follows, that you have chosen :

  • afternoon in the Jardin des Plantes with a tour of the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle to see life size dinosaurus’ skeletons and the Great gallery of evolution with its stuffed animals, followed by a tour of the zoological gardens. 
  • afternoon in the Vincennes Zoo to see the animals in their natural environment according to the part of the world they come from, such as the Amazon , Madagascar or Patagonia with their spectacular species (spiders, great reptiles, giraffes, penguins)

DAY 2 :

Scientific morning for the family with the following choice:

  • Palais de la Découverte, to see astonishing experiments dealing with, for example, electricity and discover other scientific fields such as Astronomy in the very beautiful planetarium.
  • Cité des Sciences, for the children to experience some Physics laws through games based on their everyday environment (water, space, construction)
 Lunch near the Champs de Mars followed by a walk around the Eiffel Tower. Afterwards, cruise on the Seine to see the principal monuments of Paris.

DAY 3 :

In the morning, visit and artistic activity in a Parisian museum to choose in our selection

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